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How to choose a car.

It is said that women and men usually look for different things in a car, It is the same as the way the americans and europeans choose the car of their dreams with different criteria. Design and colour are normally the first things that women look for, but men pay attention first on speed and other techical elements is a presumption. In actual fact all this relies on what the individual wants to acquire from purchasing it. But the truth is, there are some criteria that a lot of people look at before buying one.

1. Design. A traditionally designed car, the limousine class, stylish but not out of the orfinary is chosen by some people. Some need to have the last advancements in car model, with futuristic forms and wonderful attributes. Color is included in this catagory too. For some it is actually important. Additionally, few people know that some colors are more visible in traffic than the others.

2. Safety. However people usually judge things after their cover, safety should be the first thing to consider before buying a car. Check how many safety bags it has, where they are located and how the car did at most important security checks. There are many other things like anti-lock brakes are important too, thus it is very important ot pay attention to all details even if they seem small in the beginning.

3. Stick or automatic? Stick -shift is not that different from automatic transmission in many respects. Yet, some people just do not prefer to go through the difficulty of using both legs while driving and shifting gears manually all the time. Others feel more in control of the car when they do that so automatic transmission is definitely out of the question.

4. Price and consumption. These two criteria are related and influence one another. For instance electric cars are more expensive than many common ones. However, the charges for fuel later on are worthy to take into concern with the ever rising price of oil barrel.

5. Power. Many people dream of having really impressive cars, with high power, which could accelerate from 0 to 100 in just a few seconds. The truth is this is again about the price and money spent after the acquisition. Powerful cars are expensive and require spending a lot of money on gas, maintenance and why not taxes. In many countries the required taxes are set in response to how powerful a car is or to fuel utilization, so amount of pollution.

It doesn't matter what you decide on, you need to take into consideration all aspects of your purchase. Another thing that is recommended is to try out the vehicle before. In case a drive test does not make you satisffied, look at vehicle leasing and rent the vehicle you want for a period of time to check out if it's got everything you need.

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